Monday, November 24, 2008


So I am just now getting the halloween pics up almost a month later and 3 days before Thanksgiving but here they are!

Ellie was our little tiger.

Mia was Sleeping Beauty. Anyone shocked?

Matthew was Woody from Toy Story

Our friends' daughter was Jessie from Toy Story so we had to get a picture of them together. She looked so cute!

Matthew hanging out with his friends.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My little brother gets married!

My little brother, Ben, got married on Oct. 11th to the cutest girl! We love Camille (or as the kids call her Ca-kneel). She was a beautiful bride and it was a fun wedding, despite the freezing cold! We know she is a true blue BYU fan because she had Ben take her to the homecoming game the very day they got married.

Mia trying to give Ben a kiss.

Thank goodness my sister Emily was there to keep my baby bundled up. She had a little red nose all night. (Ellie, not Emily)

Matthew's quest through the evening was to see how much food he could gather.

My wonderful parents!

Me and my girls. Don't ask me what Ellie was doing. It was toward the end of the evening and my kids were coming a little unglued.

Gorgeous bride.

Ellie and her cousin Kaleigh.

Ellie and her glamourous aunt Sharlie.

The three grandgirls. Grandma Necie made their dresses and I attempted to make their bows. They haven't fallen apart yet so that is a plus.

We should have taken the picture of our little family at the beginning of the evening. It is nearly impossible to get three tired kids to even look at the camera, not to mention getting them to smile!

Mom and her handsome boys. (Minus one, Eric, who is on his mission in Fort Worth, Texas.)

Ellie bundled up at the temple. It was FREEZING that day.

Their kids are going to all have very big, beautiful smiles.