Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trip back east!

Now that we have FINALLY transitioned to high-speed internet, I can post about our trip back east! It was the first trip Justin and I have taken sans kids since before our kids were born. It was a little strange to be without them. I didn't realize how much the kids' bedtime routine actually helped ME to go to sleep. I woke up several times during each night out of habit but it was nice to not have to get out of bed in the middle of the night for nightmares etc. We went to visit my brother, his wife and their adorable baby girl in Baltomore. We got to go to Gettysburg, Valley Forge, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero (very sobering) and Carnegie Hall to list the major sights. My sister's choir group from Provo High (love you Shar!) was the featured choir at Carnegie Hall. Going to see her perform at such a prestigious place was the basis and main reason for our trip. It was a great trip and I am VERY grateful to my in-laws for braving my three crazies for an entire week.

This photo prop was for kids but I was able to talk Justin into a picture. He was not at all embarrassed to stand in line behind a group of small kids waiting to be George Washington!

One of the cannons at Gettysburg. This place was very cool and a must see for anyone doing a trip in the Pennsylvania area.

Going to the Statue of Liberty. Such a touristy thing but something everyone must do at least once in their lives.

All the construction at Ground Zero. It is incredible to see a huge hole in the middle of downtown New York City. Construction is slow-going and still underway eight years after 9-11. My sister's choir group sang at the site and did a great job.

A memorial at the fire station across from Ground Zero that lost nearly 200 firefighters in the aftermath of the attack.