Thursday, December 18, 2008

Justin turns 30!

I have in no way been badgering my husband endlessly about the fact that he is 30. The mere fact that he has entered the 30 decade while I am still in my youthful 20's hasn't come up one time! He got exactly what he wanted: a day full of REST. He didn't have to do one thing he didn't want to. He even got a nap. I also didn't at all mention that he NEEDED the nap because he is so old! We got to go out that night (thanks Lesha and Dave!) and see a movie that was all for him (Dark Knight, really not my choice but it was his day.) Happy 30, hon!

Monday, December 8, 2008

It had to happen sometime.

We have gone almost 5 years without any major incidents. No broken bones, ER visits, stitches... nothing. Our short-lived streak was broken yesterday. We had to go get stitches in Mia's face. That's what happens when I leave her in Daddy's care. She went running down the sidewalk and face planted with the chin catching most of her fall. I was not home at the time and Justin had to contact me at my meeting and get me home. When I got home all chaos was broken loose. Three things struck me when I opened the door:
1. Mia, gushing blood, had one little tissue against her cheek. Nowhere near the wound, leaving her new sweater to catch most of the mess.
2. Matthew was very distraught because "Mia won't survive"
3. Mia, although changed out of her church clothes, is still wearing her black velvet jacket that goes with her church dress. How it is not covered in stains is still a miracle to me.

Mia was sobbing, telling me that she will never get to dance or play soccer again. (Have I mentioned my daughter is dramatic?) We got Matthew and Ellie dropped off at my parents' house. My mom tried to give Mia a more substantial rag to hold against her chin but she refused to get rid of her bloody tissue/security blanket. On the way to the hospital Mia had two major concerns, neither of which directly involved the painful laceration. She wanted a girl doctor to take care of her and she didn't want food to fall out of her chin if she ate any. I will say that she is one tough cookie. She cried for about 10 seconds when they numbed her chin, other than that she was just fine. I have to say that I am very surprised that my calm 3 year old girl was our first stitches victim and not our wild 4 year old boy. Go figure.

We got pictures but I will spare any unlucky ready the gorey details. Instead here is a pic of the kids and their gingerbread houses they made at Grandad and Grandma Necie's house after the hospital trip. The band-aid is difficult to spot looking at her straight on which is a blessing. No visible scars.