Sunday, June 14, 2009

Princess Festival

This week Mia got to go with mommy to the Princess Festival. She dressed in her Tinkerbell dress and got to make a crown and a wand. She went around with all the other little princesses and the blue fairy to save Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty from the dark fairy. The Foundation "In Our Own Quiet Way" which provides relief for children in Kenya, put the festival on for the girls and Mia and I had a blast. She felt very special and she even got a free real pearl necklace which she wore to church a few days after. Although the main highlight for Mia was the playground with swings. Go figure, I could have saved the money and just taken her to a park in her Tinkerbell dress! All of the volunteers were dressed in princess gowns and it was very well done. Definitely something my girls and I will try to go to next year.

Princess Mia in her carriage on her way to the ball.

Little Tinkerbell got to "fly" with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. She even got to blow fairy dust to give her the magic of flight.

Mia's very favorite princess, Sleeping Beauty. She adores her for no other reason than that she has a pink dress; surprise, surprise. Mia was terrified of all the princes and wouldn't go anywhere near them. I guess she figured that those boys did not belong at our "girl's day".

The blue fairy and all the little princesses on their quest to save the storybook princesses. Mia is, of course, hanging away from the group in the very back. Less claustrophobic that way.