Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life marches on

So far this year has been one of great happiness, excitement, growth, difficulty, bumps, bruises, heartache and joy. (I won't mention the busy-ness. EVERYONE is busy right now!) And it's only April! One constant thread through it all has been my amazing husband and my love for him, and also my three amigos. My kids make each day worth getting up. I have had several poignant experiences this past couple of months that have made me cherish them more than I ever have.
So...since we have been absent on the blog scene for a long while and it would take WAY too much time to update everything, I will copy a smart idea Justin's cousin has and quickly highlight.

Justin turning 31: Ellie saying her first full sentence: Matthew developing a desire for Saturdays way too early: Mia starting "real" soccer: a new highly demanding church calling (I will never complain about any church leader ever again..not that I ever did before): a loss of a grandpa: the birth of a nephew (finally!): a trip to Disneyland: Ellie turning 2: a heartbreaking loss: an exciting new arrival in Sept.: me turning 30 (what the?): new friends: a job change: lots of hugs: growing testimonies and love for the gospel.


katie said...

Does this mean you're pregnant?!? And what's the new big calling? Hope all is well with your family. Glad you are turning 30 before I am!

Keith and Laura said...

We can't wait for more details!

Mama Bean said...

Could you be more specific on some of the details!!! When are we going to play?

Wendy said...

Sounds like you and I could be in the same boat. Love my kids every day! New callings, kids getting up way too early on Saturday. I like how you used Kim's idea...isn't she awesome?!?

You will have to keep us posted on all the details as time goes by c: