Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mia's Birthday

Mia turned 4 a couple of weeks ago, and being the slacker mom that I am didn't get it up on the blog before she pointed out that her birthday pictures weren't on the "bloggy" (every word ends in "y" these days). What the heck?! I don't blog very often and my 4-year-old still noticed the discrepancy. So here she is...

Very excited that she now has a girl bike. She was very done with the tonka truck hand-me-down bike from Matthew.

When I asked what kind of cake Mia wanted she immediately said "pink cookie monster".
A little random (okay, a lot random) but the great thing about Mia is that she is very decisive and doesn't take FOREVER deciding on something (nudge, nudge Matthew and Daddy).

She got to have her first friend party and decided on Strawberry Shortcake. We had 17 kids(ACK!!!) ranging from 1-5 in our small house at one time so... very chaotic!. Though, Mia assured me that it was the "most awesomest party in history" so it was a success.


Lindsey said...

Happy birthday Mia! I love that she told you it was "the most awesomest party ever." Doesn't that make all the stress of 17 kids just melt away? :)

Garrison Propaganda said...

im sure it was awesome. so much pink, i think its hilarious. oh you were a brave mom. but when all was said and done you did love it didnt you?